• Wits & Wonder Travel Course

    Especially for Solo Travelers

  • Travel with all the knowledge of your years and with the wonder of your childhood eyes.

  • It takes knowledge, good planning, and an understanding of the world to travel. It requires the wits of an adult.

    Ah, but to truly enjoy the wonder of this world requires all your senses being alive as they were when you were a child.

    Hence, the Wits & Wonder Travel Course.

    In seven emails, we’ll help you with the practical aspects of travel. We’ll help you develop travel skills, build travel confidence, and cultivate money strategies so that you can travel more.

    We’ll also help you develop your senses and your sense of wonder so that your travels are infused with new richness and fun.

    A Different Kind of Travel Course

    So many travel courses are dry. They look at only the practical aspects of travel.

    This is where the W&W travel course is different.

    Yes, you'll learn what you need to know to efficiently and cost-effectively travel. And what we can't jam into the lessons we'll link to on Solo Traveler. In essence, in addition to the course, you'll also receive a guide to the meat and potatoes (or the lentils and lettuce) of travel information that is on the site.

    But this course is also full of fun. The type of fun that I believe adults need. It is our hope that it will not only enrich your travels but your life as well.

    With this course, you will:

    • Gain the confidence you need to realize your dream trips
    • Learn successful money-saving techniques
    • Develop travel planning skills for a trip you’ll love
    • Better understand your travel strengths and abilities even if you haven't traveled before
    • Know which travel resources deliver more travel for less money
    • Fine tune your senses to enjoy the wonder in this world
    • Plan for a safe and exciting trip

    Who Is the W&W Travel Course For?

    This 7-lesson email course is for those new to solo travel and for those who have done it a lot. Actually, it’s for anyone who travels. Because who doesn’t want to travel better and enjoy the world with more exuberance?

    Here's a rundown of the 7 lessons.

    Lesson 1 – Reach for Your Travel Dreams: Welcome to a World of Possibilities

    Lesson 2 – Novice or Experienced: Here’s How to Grow Your Travel Confidence

    Lesson 3 – What was your passion? Heighten Your Senses and Sense of Wonder

    Lesson 4 – Money Games: Let Not Money be Your Obstacle

    Lesson 5 – Making Choices: The Right Travel Style for the Trip You Want

    Lesson 6 – Practical Dreaming: Travel Tool Games

    Lesson 7 – Sending You on Your Way with Wits and Wonder

    Plus you'll receive:

    • Travel Planning Worksheet
    • Travel Budget Worksheet
    • Road Trip Budget Worksheet
    • Packing List & Tips
    • Links to in-depth resources for every topic

    The Price is Up to You

    We’re a community. As your emails tell us, you've learned from us. You've been inspired by us. You look forward to our weekly emails.

    But we've also learned from you. Readers have generously shared on the Solo Travel Society on Facebook and contributed posts to the site. Your knowledge and experience has enriched our travels as well.

    So, we’re going to let you select your preferred price for the Wits & Wonder Travel Course.

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