Create brackets of 4 to 64 choices your audience can complete in one or more rounds. You can also score your bracket entries and display leaderboards.

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Create Bracket contests that engage your audience

Woobox provides all the capabilities you need to create and manage a successful bracket contest.

Predictive Brackets

Can you predict the future? Get your brand in on the action of the biggest sporting events across the calendar

Voting Brackets

Extend your campaign by having each level completed as a separate voting round where the winners advance.

Customizable Display

Select from 4 to 64 options and fully customize the way it looks to match your brand

Score Brackets & Show Leader Boards

Keep customers engaged with the built in leaderboard so your audience knows where they stand round by round.

Bracket campaign features to get the job done

Woobox is flexible. It’s designed to look and work the way you want.

Bracket Functionality

  • Multiple or Single Round
  • Up to 64 Choices
  • Personalized Sharing
  • Easy for Participants
  • Custom Scoring
  • Participant Leaderboards
  • Voting or Predictive

Creative Control

  • Editable Templates
  • Complete Language Control
  • Powerful & Easy Designer
  • Editable HTML
  • Powerful Template Engine
  • Advanced Javascript Control
  • Editable CSS Styling

Participation Limits

  • Age Requirement
  • Captcha Protection
  • Geographic Requirement
  • Password Protected Entry
  • Required Form Elements
  • Accept Rules Requirement
  • One Per Person Limits

Form Customization

  • Choose Any Form Fields
  • Social Follow Requirements
  • Social Sharing Requirements
  • Optional Social Login
  • File Uploads
  • Custom Form Widgets
  • Editable Form HTML

Publish Anywhere

  • On Mobile
  • On Websites
  • On Blogs
  • On Facebook Tabs
  • In Popups
  • As Landing Pages

Promote Anywhere

  • Post to Social Sites
  • Email Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites, Local, & Blogs
  • Integrated Facebook Ads
  • Track Performance by Channel

Track Performance

  • Visitor Metrics
  • Social Actions Tracking
  • Custom Source Tracking
  • Viral vs Direct Attribution
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Facebook Pixels

Use Your Data

  • Downloadable Exports
  • Realtime Webhook API
  • Send to Mailchimp
  • Send to Constant Contact
  • Send to Zapier
  • Send to Over 500 Tools

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