• 新濠口罩設計比賽

    Melco Mask Design Competition

  • 比賽目的 | Objective

    ● 設計由澳門中小企製造的可循環再用口罩

    To design a reusable mask to be manufactured by Macau’s small and medium enterprise (SME)

    參賽資格 | Participants Eligibility

    ● 凡持有澳門居民身份證,年齡滿14歲或以上的人士皆可參與。

    All participants must possess Macau ID card and must be at least 14 years of age.

    ● 是次比賽之評審委員及其家屬均不得參與比賽。

    Persons who are part of or family members of the judging panel are not permitted to participate in the competition.

    截止日期 | Submission Deadline

    ● 2020年9月30日澳門時間 1800 (September 30, 2020 Macau Time 1800)

    獎項 (每項大獎設一名得獎者) | Awards (one winner per category)

    ● 傳媒評選大獎 Media Selection Award 

    ● 公眾投選大獎 (於Facebook平台票選) Public Selection Award (by voting on Facebook Page)

    ● 專業評選大獎 Grand Design Award

    獎品 | Prizes

    每位得獎者均可獲贈以下獎品 Each awardee will be given the prizes below:

    ● 100個勝出設計口罩 100 pcs of the winning design masks

    ● 摩珀斯酒店套房住宿一晚及米芝蓮星級餐廳晚餐* One night’s accommodation at Morpheus Suite, dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant*


    (subject to availability, the Michelin-starred dinner has a value of MOP2000)

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  • 評分標準 | Judging Criteria

    ● 公眾投選大獎 Public Vote Award

    在新濠口罩設計比賽之投選平台 (www.facebook.com/MelcoCSR) 中獲得最多選票的口罩設計將勝出成為公眾投選大獎得奬者。

    The mask design receiving the highest number of votes on the ‘Melco Mask Design Competition’ website (www.facebook.com/MelcoCSR) will be awarded as winner of the Public Vote Award. 

    傳媒評選大獎及 專業評選大獎,將由兩組專業評選團按以下評分標準分別選出得奬者:

    The winners of the Media Vote Award and Grand Design Award will be voted for by two panels of judges comprising professionals from each of the respective fields under the following criteria:

    設計理念 (Design Concept) ---------------------- 20%

    實用性 (Practicability) ------------------------------ 20%

    創新性 (Creativity) ------------------------------------ 25%

    美觀性 (Aesthetics) ---------------------------------- 25%

    素材運用 (如:具環保或功能性的物料)

    Use of materials (such as environmentally friendly or functional materials) -------- 10%   

    設計規格 | Design Specifications

    ● 口罩只作創意性設計,並不作為任何醫學或防疫用途。口罩只遮蓋佩戴者的口鼻,不遮眼睛。

    The mask should be solely for creative design purposes and not serve any medical or epidemic protection purpose. The mask should only cover the wearer’s mouth and nose, and not the eyes. 

    ● 參賽者將確定口罩的設計、布料、材料及形狀。參賽者還可加上任何外置裝飾以提高口罩的視覺效果; 

    Participants are to determine the design, materials, cloth and shape of the mask. Participants may also add external decorations to enhance the visual effects of the mask.

    ● 參賽者需提交由一名模特兒佩帶口罩的設計效果圖(設計圖片或相片)。提交的設計可以手繪或電腦繪製設計。

    Participants are required to submit a mask design graphic as worn by a model. Design submissions may be hand drawn or designed by computer. 

    ● 設計需經新濠愛心傳城Facebook新濠口罩設計比賽頁面 (www.facebook.com/MelcoCSR) 呈交。上載提交的電子檔格式須為jpg,解像度為300dpi。

    Designs should be submitted via the Melco Mask Design Competition Page under the Melco CSR Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MelcoCSR). Submission digital files for upload should be in .jpg format with 300dpi resolution.

    ● 參賽者需於新濠愛心傳城Facebook頁完成參賽表格,包括參賽者的姓名、聯絡電話及電郵。

    Participants are required to complete the entry form available from the Melco CSR Facebook page, including participant name, contact number and email address.

    ● 參賽者必須提交完整的提交內容,以清楚展示口罩及設計。任何結構不規範或違反要求的提交都不會被接受。

    Participants are required to submit a completed submission which clearly demonstrates the mask design. Any submission with irregular construction or violation of requirements will not be accepted. 

    ● 不允許在提交的實物樣品上標示任何標記或簽名。

    • Any additional markings or signatures on the physical sample submissions will not be permitted. 

    參賽指南 | Participation Instructions

    ● 比賽提交的截止日期為2020年9月30日 1800 (澳門時間)。有興趣參加者可提交其設計到新濠愛心傳城Facebook新濠口罩設計比賽頁面(www.facebook.com/MelcoCSR)。

    The competition submission deadline is September 30, 2020 Macau Time 1800. Interested parties must submit their design on the Melco Mask Design Competition Page under the Melco CSR Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MelcoCSR).

    ● 每位參賽者提交的數量不限,但每一單獨口罩設計只能由一名參賽者提交。

    There are no limitations to the number of submissions from each participant, but each individual mask design can only be submitted by one participant.  

    ● 傳媒評選大獎、公眾投選大獎、專業評選大獎不得為相同的參賽者。

    Media Selection Award, Public Selection Award and Grand Design Award shall not be awarded to the same participant.

    ● 提交作品必須百分百為原創。嚴禁抄襲,提交作品不能重覆之前曾參加任何其他公開比賽或曾於媒體上發表過的。


    Each submission must be 100% originally designed. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and submissions cannot be previously submitted or launched in any other public competition or published by the media. Submissions should not contain any third-party materials, including copyrighted materials, trademarks, patents, or other rights. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants and pursue or reclaim any compensation, and the participant shall bare all legal responsibilities.

    ● 所有提交的設計和各自的知識產權均歸新濠所有,提交後將不退還任何設計。就設計的提交,參賽者承認並同意他們完全且無保留地授予新濠非排他性,完全和不受限制束許可來發佈、印刷、分發、製造、複製、生產、推廣或以其他方式在全球範圍內永久免費使用參賽者的提交內容,且無需新濠記入和命名參賽者或提交的作者,也無需新濠另外先獲得參賽者或任何第三方的批准/許可。

    All submitted designs and respective intellectual property rights shall be owned by Melco, and no designs will be returned after submission. Upon submission of a design, the participant acknowledges and agrees that they fully and unreservedly grant to Melco a non-exclusive, full and unfettered license to publish, print, distribute, manufacture, copy, produce, promote or otherwise use the participant’s submission(s) worldwide free of any fee, in perpetuity, and without need for Melco to credit and name the participant or the author(s) of the submission and without need for Melco to otherwise first seek approval/permission from the participant or any third party.

    ● 此外,通過提交任何申請表或設計,參賽者明確授權新濠及任何其附屬公司自動地或機械地進行處理,包括收集、使用、存儲、披露或轉讓參賽者提供或被收集的任何個資料人數據 (包括生物識別資料或被認為敏感的資料)至任何合夥人、服務提供者、顧問和/或其他在澳門或其他管轄區的公共實體,目的為了提供服務,確認此服務的質量,提供優惠和獎勵,一般市場營銷和推廣活動或事件,保障新濠的合法利益以及遵守適用的法律法規的規定。參賽者明白他們有權透過聯絡 dataprivacy@melco-resorts.com 存取他們的個人資料及要求更正個人資料。

    In addition, by submitting any application form or design, the participant expressly authorizes Melco and any of its subsidiaries to, automatically or mechanically, process, including to collect, use, store, disclose or transfer any personal data provided by the participant or collected (including biometrical data or data considered sensitive), to any partners, service providers, consultants and/ or public entitles in Macau or in any other jurisdiction, for the purposes of providing services, ensuring the quality of such services, providing benefits and rewards, general marketing and promotion campaigns and events, safeguarding Melco’s legitimate interests and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Participant further declares they understand they have the right to access their personal data and to request the amendment of inaccurate data by contacting dataprivacy@melco-resorts.com.

    官方規則 | Official Rules

    ● 新濠將保留一切刊登和展出得獎設計的權利,並有權以任何形式和媒體重複使用此設計而無須付予任何版權費用給予參賽者。

    Melco reserves every right to publish and exhibit the winning designs, and the right to repeatedly use such designs in any format and media without having to pay any royalties to the participants.

    ● 提交的內容嚴禁渲染色情和暴力訊息,且提交的內容不得涉及任何政治及宗教成份。

    Submissions with sexual and violent messages are strictly forbidden, and submissions shall not include any religious or political elements.

    ● 違反比賽規則之參賽者可被取消資格或被追究法律責任。

    Participants violating competition requirements may be disqualified or held accountable for legal responsibilities.

    ● 新濠有權保留解釋及修調整比賽報名頁面和申請表上列出的條款和條件的最終權利。

    Melco reserves final rights to explain and adjust terms and conditions listed on the competition enrolment page and application forms.

    ● 就任何報名表的遞交,參賽者被視為完全同意及承認接受新濠口罩設計比賽的條款及細則。

    With the submission of any application form, the participant will be deemed to have fully agreed and acknowledged all terms and conditions of the Melco Mask Design Competition.

    備註 | Remarks

    ● 在比賽最終結果對外公佈及完整結束前,新濠及CPTTM雙方均不得發表及洩漏設計至任何本地的生產商及供應商預先進行有關採購工作。·

    Melco and CPTTM will not publish or leak designs to any local manufacturer or supplier for sourcing efforts prior to the final result announcement and completion of the competition.

    ● 勝出之設計可能會由本地製造與生產。按新濠自行決定,獲獎的參賽者須協助參與新濠日後口罩生產之工作,並如果需要/適用,可為設計調整。此外,獲獎參賽者應配合任何照片或視頻拍攝要求,版權歸新濠所有﹔

    ·Winning designs may be subject to being manufactured and produced locally. At Melco’s sole discretion, winning participants shall assist with Melco’s production process and may provide adjustments to the design if required/applicable. Furthermore, winning participants shall cooperate with any photo or video shooting requirements, and Melco reserves the rights to all such media.

    ● 所有獎品及證書,由新濠直接給予獲獎參賽者。

    ·All prizes and certificates shall be directly awarded to the winning participants by Melco.

    ● 新濠保留權利對所選的設計和風格作出適用調整以滿足生產標準。

    Melco reserves the right to make applicable adjustments to the selected design and style to meet production criteria.