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Templates to get you started

Save time with a template that gets you close to your idea. Find the campaign most aligned with your marketing needs and start customizing it to make it your own.

Powerful Capabilities you Customize

Completly control the design and language. Create custom forms and pull entries directly from the social networks you choose. All of our capabilities have loads of options to meet your unique needs.

Easy Participant Management

Pick random winners for your giveaways, approve submissions for your photo contests, and push media to your galleries. We make it easy to manage your collected submissions.

Build Campaigns to Reach Your Audience on Every Channel

Your Woobox campaigns are mobile friendly, provide their own optional dedicated url, or can be embedded in pop-ups, websites, and popular social media channels

Mobile Devices

Share your campaign link via email, social or official marketing website. We’ll host it’s own mobile responsive site.


Display your campaign directly on any website. Set your width and the campaign size respond to work within your website.


Utilize our Wordpress plugin for a super simple way to embed campaigns on your blog.

Social Media

Easily install a campaign as an app for your Facebook page and collect participation directly from social sites.


Prompt your site visitors to participate in your campaigns with our website popup option.

Landing Pages

Great for driving traffic from emails, ads and social posts directly to a dedicated landing site.

Get Powerful Marketing Campaigns Running in No Time

Your marketing platform for contests, landing pages, user generated content, coupons, polls, quizzes, and more.

Create Endless Campaigns

Build any campaign for free. Run unlimited marketing campaigns on any paid plan. With new features and templates regularly added, the possibilities are endless.

Quick & Powerful Customization

Start quick with a campaign template, adjusting your colors, fonts, layout and more. Add the brand logo and get your marketing plan going today.

Connect the Tools You Love

Integrate your campaigns with Zapier, Mailchimp, and more than 500 other tools.

Automate Coupons, Contests, & More

Ease the workload and send automated emails for coupons and instant win contests. Use the winner picker tool to choose one or more random winners.

Learn Key Insights About Your Audience

Need to know more about your audience? Create a trivia and personality quiz for two-way learning experiences connected to your social and email channels.

Optimize Campaigns Over Time

Easily copy-paste campaigns to adjust and repeat your success. User-generated content campaigns give you the ability to simultaneously measure data and sentiment.

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